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bye bye loverboy
Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Young Loverboy loved to lie,
Young Loverboy was never shy,
Young Loverboy made all the little girls cry,
especially when Young Loverboy said goodbye.

Young Loverboy loved to play his game.

bt this was no ordinary game,
it was a game of heart,
where u had to remember names,
bt he was never really good at that part.

one day, as he went about his daily rutin,
he saw a girl,
she was not very tall, pale, and a little thin.

he was stunned,
for she also had these big hazel eyes,
and from that day on,
he promised to stop the lies.

bt before i go on,
let me tell you the story of the girl,
they all refered to as Miss LadyHate.

Miss LadyHate didnt exactly have a heart,
when her friend would smile n laugh,
all she did was call her friend a tart.

Miss LadyHate went everywhere listening to her music,
her bag full of strawberry lollipops,
the kind she loved to suck on and lick.

then, one day,
Miss LadyHate realised she was being stared at,
by this strange looking boy,
who wore a strange looking hat.

as casual as cud be,
she walked up to him to see what he wanted,
Young Loverboy couldnt believe his eyes,
he was so nervous he almost fainted.

standing in front of him,
all she did was stare at him,
looking into his eyes,
her hazel eyes glowing in the sunlight.

Young Loverboy didnt knw wat to do,
he was just so mesmerized,
looking into her eyes,
he suddenly felt so happy, so angry, so hurt, so sad, he only wanted to cry.

then Miss LadyHate fell in love,
for behind his good looks n awful attitude,
she saw a familiar little boy, who was sincere n innocent.

knowing who he was,
Miss LadyHate gave him a kiss on the cheek,
and walked away.

Young Loverboy called out to her,
Miss LadyHate turned around n smiled,
Young Loverboy thought it was a dream,
then he suddenly realised that she had dissapeared.

"bye bye loverboy"

Sunday, August 5, 2007

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My Weekend

so on friday we left for Penang. my hometown i missed so badly. bt something sucked bigtime!on the way there..

i got a mofo COLD.

n im thinkin 'wtf?!'

i was so pissed already n i also got my period dat friday.
man was i mad.

nevermind.got there at like 4 or 5.
had a good sleep.

woke up. lpak around da apartment.
then around 6 got ready to go to sum hotel la.

the hotel was oryte.
not too fancy yet not too shabby.
there my sister did my make-up i put on my grey dress n silver heels waited for my sisters to get ready n when we were all done, we set off.

at first we cudnt find the place.

bt when we found it, it was weird.

u knw wat hollywood premiers r lyke?
it was lyke dat.
excpt da fact dat da carpet was green instead of red.

it was freaky.
evrybody starin at u.
havin to smile all the time.
people askin to take ur pics.
freekin weird.

walkin into the dewan, evrybody is staring at u.

afta a while i got used to it.

da afta party was a bore cuz all u did was stand around and smile.
i did meet a few people.
bt the scary part was getting into the car to go home.

there were people outside the area n they needed security to help us get through.
they were like tugging and pulling.
scary shit.

bt u knw wat? in a way it was cool.haha
tya ryte!

so gettin home to the hotel.
thinkin i cud go out to eat then suddenly i get a fever.

i was so mofo-ing pissed!hahahaha

well, all i can do nw is wait 2 go bak to school. hopefully i feel betta 2mrw.
i kinda miss my friends.

owh well.

sweet dreams n boners.

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