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In Love, We're One, Inseparable
Saturday, February 27, 2010


But There's A Light Out In Chicago

hello Heart,
i see you decided to leave,
it's time to part,
and i have a sigh too heavy to heave.

the music in your body,
plays a sad tune,
can you hear what's in me ?
i give you no clue.

remember that day on the beach,
when you decided i would be too far out,
too far for you to reach,
for you to even try to save.

remember the love note ?
the one you left behind,
i remember how you used to quote,
because it was me, you couldn't find.

Adorable Illusion And I Cannot Hide

wow, it's been a while since my last post.

exam week has officially gone past and i officially have a terrible sore throat that makes me sound like a man. probably cause of the real hot weather we've been having lately. i missed the English, Add Maths and History tests. but oh well.

i just finished Mitch Albom's Tuesdays With Morrie. i gotta say, it was a real good read. i wasn't bored at all. it was extremely sad but it was very good. now i'm gonna start on his other book, The Five People You Meet In Heaven. wanted to read this book for how long lah. and lo and behold, i found it wedged between a few of Kak Nani's other books.

went to OU with Mak and Late. had TGIF's and yes, it was awesome ! eventhough Mak and Late are on a vegetarian diet now, they still enjoyed the food. i just had a lot of fun hanging out with them.

oh well, i'm happy and i hope you guys are happy too !

Have I Got A Long Way To Run ?
Tuesday, February 23, 2010

look at my heart, it beats !
no, don't get up off your seats.
quickly look before i throw it out to sea,
without him, it really isn't much to me.

If You Cut Me Ear To Ear


Once I'm In, I Own Your Heart
Sunday, February 21, 2010

that's the Lomo Yana bought for Harith for Valentines Day. it was kinda interesting and i might even buy myself one. that and a fisheye. i mean, i like taking pictures so these will help me broaden my horizon. besides it looks like fun. rather than seeing them rich kids use em for no apparent reason.

We All Learn To Make Mistakes
Saturday, February 20, 2010

hello my preettttiiiieees !

well, i've been going out for quite a lot lately. it was fun but i guess i gotta get my head in the game. i mean, i do have my exams and my class teacher has always kept an extra eye on me.

went out again today. saw Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief. played daytona and got effing pissed at everybody for banging into me. the movie was real good. but as usual it was a whole lot different from the book.

i read the book when i was a kid and man, was it nostalgic. i kept asking Vee about the details and was like in awe of how much i forgot since i practically read the book more than five times that year.

i just read my Cbox. hey guys, thanks for being nice but not necessary for you guys to be mean to her. i mean, she made mistakes like everybody else and unlike most of us, she's trying to apologise, so yeah. i might not like her but nobody deserves that kind of treatment.

so to Diana, i'm not mad anymore. don't worry about it. i've forgiven you a while back. i don't like this whole "hold a grudge" bullshit. trust me, you're not a bitch. so no worries, i'm not your enemy.

This Is The Best Day I Can Ever Remember
Friday, February 19, 2010

as you can see, my friends and i attended a pool party. it was at the same place they had Syak's party last year but this time we had way more fun. we barbecued and pushed people into the people and just got wet, all the way. seriously, just a hell load of fun.

Ku Petik Bintang Untuk Kau Simpan
Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i'm so tired
time for another
downward spiral

you don't have to care
you never really did

I Wanna Tell You, How Much I Love You
Tuesday, February 16, 2010

there you stand
right there
you face me
but you only look
at me
when i cry out
to you

but there he is
so far away
but he stares
at me
i don't even have
to ask

you're the king
too blind to see
what i need you
to see

you and your court
will decide to banish me
and all i'll have are our
that you can't

just please
remember this
i love you
i do

Cause We Never Really Had Our Closure

i'm like Nana in alot of ways. not in the way we look but in the way we feel and act and think. we're strong cause in ways, we were brought up to be that way. we always think ahead and we know what we want. but most importantly, we can be real fragile.

i love love but sometimes it gets to you. i got a message. a real sweet one. and it got me thinking. am i really that worth it ? i and many others at that, don't think so. i'm confused. tired mostly, of being the bearer of bad news.

but i guess i gotta get used to it.

I'm Trying Not To Think About You

i see weirdos !

went out to OU today with Yana, Harith, Lee, Joey, Choo, Lum, Tana and Joanne. i had a bloody blast ! we hung out most at the arcade and had just so much fun. i got so hyper, even Choo was weirded out. but it was fun and i missed them.

met up with Vee later at safa and had even more fun. went up to the park where the boys gambled and we danced. you have no idea how excited Yana is that she has a new friend who is of her age. i'm pretty glad too.

all in all, i had fun. and you should to.

Seventeen Without A Purpose Or Direction
Friday, February 12, 2010

awesome picture, right ?

wow, i'm so tired. went to school, cheer and tuition. add maths tuition at that. i'd like to thank my best friend, Pei Wen, for helping me out with everything. man ! i am so far behind it is amazing. hopefully i'll be able to catch up. i'll need to study alot during these holidays.

shooting for TSSS is officially over. thank god. it really took alot out of me. but i'm glad i did it. i got to work with some amazing people and even made friends with some of them. hopefully long lasting.

i suddenly feel real lonely. but i guess you could say that i'm real used to it. my body and mind doesn't feel right. i just left safa like that. i just left everybody without saying bye or giving em a hug. i don't know why, i just didn't.

going out to KL tomorrow with Yana. i don't plan on spending any money but having some wouldn't hurt. Mak and Late are going off on a well deserved holiday. i'll miss them. especially since the both of them are going off at once. i don't even feel like partying.

oh well, i think i should give my grandparents a call. i'll see you guys. i love you. Gong Hi Hwat Sai, guys ! by the way, that's hokkien, how my grandmum taught me how to say it.

Why Do You Put Me On A Pedestal ?
Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Breathe For Love Tomorrow
Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i finished this book while on set. and it is amazing. seriously, if you love books, good books, you'll love this. but all the twilight fags might not get a kick out of this though.

shoot has officially finished today. spent a whole 26 hours working and waiting, waiting and working. it felt real good finishing the last scene and the last V.O. although, i got a nasty heat rash from everything but Yana, being the wonderful sister she is, put ice on my back, and it almost instantly disappeared.

going to UiTM tomorrow for a Muallaf screening. kinda nervous and at the same time kinda excited. Kak Liyana asked me whether i'd wanna go and i couldn't help but agree.

oh well, to the next time then guys. i love you.

Meant For No One But Each Other
Thursday, February 4, 2010

hello reindeer !

yes, i can't sleep. working has made my sleep cycle totally wack ! my brain is literally going to explode and ooze out of my ears soon. good to know that work will soon be over and i can get back to my life with friends and family.

can you imagine ? i haven't eaten dinner with my family in how long. it's a real weird feeling. i keep missing dinner by 8 hours. so tyeah.

i miss cheer, that is a for sure. we might be entering C3 this year, dance section. we thought of entering stunts but then thinking back, wa malas ! we're in the midst of choreographing everything. so far though, it's been fun. the six of us.

valentine's day is coming up and so far, it's all anybody can talk about. people are making plans and thinking of ways to be extra sweet and well, i'm stumped. last year, i went out with my bitchasses but this year, i'm not really in the festive love making mood. i honestly don't remember the valentine days with Eddy, which is weird.

oh ! have you heard ? Eddy and I are officially on speaking terms. we even hang out once in a blue moon when we're kinda forced to but no worries, we're a-okay.

Yana keeps wanting me to get a guy. she keeps saying i don't know how to take advantage of being single. truth is, i do. i just don't wanna end up in a relationship i don't really want. she keeps making me go for these guys who i really can't fit with but i know she just wants the best for me.

but whatever it is, i am queen of my heart and maybe, somebody else'.

Cause I'm Just One Of Those Ghosts

those are our Edward Cullen faces :P
i miss everybody

There Is More To This I Know
Monday, February 1, 2010

Saosin was awesome !

the music was just right. blasting in my ear, my brain responded. it made sense, so much sense. felt like i was on a high. it felt so good. head banging to the music and the lights seemed to synchronize. it all seemed to make sense. i have no idea, but it felt good. felt like how they say ecstacy makes you feel. where you're unconditionally happy.

i had so much fun.

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