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Thursday, July 10, 2008

this is for an old friend of mine. when we were form 1, we used to hang out alot. it was fun, because at that time it was hard for me to find a couple of nice guys to hang out with that were my age. i met him through Eddy, since he was always tagging along on our dates. we would always be laughing our arses off at the dumbest things. he and Eddy would always make me laugh when i was sad, doing extremely stupid stunts. i loved him like he was my little brother. i dnt knw if he did. or if he even misses me. last year, when we were in form 2, we started growing apart a little. couldnt blame him, we each had our own things to handle. but we did meet up once in a while to just hang around and gossip. he was always there when i needed someone to masok air with, when Eddy wasnt around. but in the beginning of the year, i started losing sight of him. i mean, i barely saw him anywhere. there were times when he'd just come to nks and join me at my table. we'd catch up, me asking him about girls, him asking me what to do. the last time i saw him was on tuesday i think, he was really different. me and Eddy started talking about him today. i really miss him. but i doubt he misses me. he's already got new friends to hang out with. so all i can do is wish him luck.


Dear God
Wednesday, July 9, 2008

i'll start this blog with a little prayer first.
on no soul does God place a burden greater than it can bear.
it gets every good that it earns, and it suffers every ill that it earns.
Surah Al-Baqarah, Ayat 286
i was at the hospital today. my grandmother was recovering from a blod clot in th brain. when i got there, my cousin, Kak Nora was already there. Kak Nora is at least 12 years older than me. so she was there on her shift to take care of my grandma. she was supposed to go off when me n my parents arrived, but she decided to stay for a while. so since there were only 3 chairs in the room, i let my mum, dad and Kak Nora sit. so i went to stand near my grandma. she looked so frail, but being your typical arab woman, she was still strong. my grandmother had gone through Asthma, Breast Cancer, Diabetes and lately Anuerysm. but today the drugs had weakened her. i held her warm hand as she went in and out of sleep. me, praying for Him to get her out of her misery. then, just before Kak Nora went off, she put some minyak panas on my grandma's forehead then started praying. i couldn't really hear what she was saying but i was really moved. when she did that, i remembered when i went to the hospital a few days back and in the middle of the day, my grandmother started praying, while lying in bed, asleep.
i ended up not going to maths tuition. so i just did my work on my own, on the floor in the corner of the room again. seeing my grandmother, i was proud to be able to call myself a 'Sharifah'. a daughter of Muhammad.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

i saw Dee do this first, then Vee. so i pn terase nk bwat. hehe

love is,
when Yana forces me to hug her in the middle of the night for no apparent reason.
love is,
when Papa screams "CRAP !" while changing the channel.
love is,
when Mama says my name when she prays.
love is,
when Kak Nani licks me on the cheek then squeals when i tell her i just got home from school.
love is,
when Kak Leya wakes me up in the middle of the night to say goodbye.
love is,
when Abg Ashraf makes a dumb joke and lets me laugh at him.
love is,
when Vee swoons at the sight of a boy, which makes me laugh.
love is,
when Eddy makes me giggle then makes his baby face.
love is,
when Dee screams "NANA !" just to get my attention.
love is,
when Pawan comes over to me telling me how she feels.
love is,
when Jeanny runs over to me shouting, "Mummmy ! help me !"
love is,
when Amir makes me laugh even when he's sleepy.
love is,
when Sophie makes her face after someone says something naughty.
love is,
when Lee hugs me when i need it.
love is,
when Abg Eri brings over KFC and takes care of me.
love is,
when Fatin gets hyper and excited.
love is,
when Marin IM's me for advice.
love is,
when Mirmir goes away for so long then comes back with juicy stories.
love is,
when Tasha says it's fun when i call her fat, eventhough its not.
love is,
when Amirul hugs me, even in front of his friends.
love is,
when Jaz looks for me to tell me about his problems.
love is,
when Khai sends me a coment on myspace saying i sombong.
love is,
when Ariff stood up for me against Jiswant.
love is,
when Shasha promised me she'd keep my secret.
love is when all the people around you start to cry,
just as you say goodbye.

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