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Sunday, September 30, 2007

well i havent posted a blog in like a month.
well alot has happened in the last month.
1. puasa started.
2. lpak until 12 arnd BSD with Adip, Asip, Shidan, Vee and Yana.
3. gone through a few tiring days.
lets start with number one.
puasa started meaning terawikh starts. best nights of the year. staying out until 4 in the morning just hanging out, talking crap. the food tastes extra amazing. n this month makes me a lil closer to heaven than hell. haha. n of course the money benefits after the month of ramadhan.
number two.
this night was amazing. seriously. tons of fun wey. it was one of those nights that you get after having a terrible month. it just happens. first lepak at safa with Sophie and Pei Wen with Vee and Yana having our usual CHEER TALK ! then met up with the boys n went back to pdg kenanga. lpak there while waiting for Sophie. then we took a drive to mcd's cause Adip n Asip nak makan. went through the drive-thru n saw Carol. we waved at her like IDIOTS bt still, notice us, she did nt. then we went to the pdg. Sophie had already gone home. so it was only Pei Wen n Billy there. so me n Vee lpak with them for a while. then Pei Wen n Billy wanted to go home so we went back to the car where Yana and the boys were hanging out. then we took a ride all over BSD singing to the radio and laughing. then it was finally time to go home.
we sent Vee home then Adip sent us back. then at home, i lepak with edy until arnd 4 in the morning. how ironic. haha. bt it was fun. real fun.
number three
well i dont really wanna emphasize on this part actually. it has some what to do with the song in my blog. owh well. that is all.
itu saja.
ini lirik untuk kamu semua.
"sama lu kita salut!
lu memang hero!
kita pon kecot perot,
tengok dari jauh!"
smart an?
well then, au' revoire

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