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A Poem
Sunday, March 29, 2009

well, i don't know whether any of you guys know this. but i love writing. especially poems. so somebody asked me to post up one of my poems. so here's one. just a little note, i write my poems about anything. they don't necessarily have anything to do with me. and this one happens to be Choo's favourite. hahah

were they beautiful ?
oh yes, they were,
she loved him so,
and he loved her.
they were perfect together,
husband and wife forever.
he loved the way she smiled,
the way her hair fell onto her face,
the way she would always fight,
and how her skin was white as lace.
he'd d0 anything for her,
he even said he'd love her forever,
he never said never,
for she was all he needed, ever.
her favourite thing, besides him,
were flowers,
and even though the chances would get slim,
he would always buy those in towers.
she'd always give her biggest smile,
and kiss him on the cheek,
cause the white roses in a pile,
would always lift her off her feet,
she'd carefully decorate them,
and put them all over their house,
all of it for him,
he loved it even if he never asked.
he loved the smell when he came home from work,
the smell made him feel so light,
he easily forgot about all the hurt,
especially when he held her tight.
but soon the light feeling faded away,
and the hurt decided to stay,
the flowers faded each day,
"i miss you", he'd always say.
they were the perfect couple,
even if her departure wasn't so suttle.
but one day he came back,
and felt that light feeling again,
he sat on the living room floor,
and kept breathing in deeply,
he looked around some more,
and in the corner he saw,
white roses in a vase,
those which were sadly her last.

i know it's not that good. but i would like to hear your opinions. thanks.

People on Set.

Pictures on Set.

My Saturday

i woke up around 8 something and headed off to the last day of shoot. it passed by quite quickly actually. they were only day scenes, so everybody had to move real quickly. the last scene required us to cry. so i thought long and hard about my grandmother and my tears came flowing. at the end of the shoot. everyone was hugging and taking numbers. but we were so excited that it was over.

Aunty Ogy sent me home. i ran up and changed. Eddy came over and then we were off to Cap Square with Kak Nani and Kahoe. we met up with Mahesh later on at Pavilion. we arrived at Cap Square after how long of driving around. met Mak and Dad there, Aunty Min, and , Uncle Q. met up with Pei Wen and Sheryll and Afiqah. met up with Shasha soon after. the whole hour was so much fun. we were walking around and everything.

after the lights came back on, we headed up to Pavilion to watch 'Talentime'. it is real good. everybody should go watch it. i especially loved Shafie's performance in it. i was so close to crying, you have no idea. after the movie, we hung around for awhile then Kahoe sent Eddy and i home.

we hung out for awhile and then he left. i slept in Kak Nani's room yesterday since Yana had a sleepover. i slept around 5 a.m. i didn't even go for Vee's photoshoot thingie cause i was just so tired. sorry Vee, i didn't mean to.

April Fool's
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

here's a little warning to all the people i know. i am honestly not in the mood for jokes this year. i am way too tired and over all this faggot games. i am so not playing around.

so if anyone tries to pull a prank on me, i will kick ass. i will not ever talk to the person ever again. don't think i'm just typing this down, i will do it. i don't give a flying fuck. you'll just have to respect me for once.



i'm so exhausted. shooting everyday, more than 12 hours each since Monday. i am LOVING the fact that i'm missing school. but i'm going to be so left behind in Maths and Add Maths. oh wells. we're filming in this petite little kampung house. it gets really hot but it also has the best greenery i've ever seen.

i'm getting along well with the other girls. there's Sharmaine who is playing, Rahila, my little sister. and the other 'mak buyongs' is, Pogy, who is playing, Shakila, Shereen, who is playing, Leena, Amy, who is playing, Nani, and Sora who happens to be 12. they're tons of fun. we're all real different but that makes it so much better.

the other day i decided to ask everyone for their names. DON'T ASK. it can get boring on a set. so there's Dayang who does Konti, Kai who does Make-up, Daniel who does Wardrobe. Tam and Awie is props. Bhai and 'Amy' is camera. Anwar is Audio. yang lain i shall find out soon enough.

sadly the guy who plays my boyfriend in the show, Tajul, irritates the very being of my soul. i have nothing whatsoever in common with him. and he is slow as could be. me and the others have fun laughing at him, me especially. i know it's not nice but sometimes i just can't help myself.

tomorrow i'm going to do the oh-so scary giving-birth scene. i wish Mama was here to help but she's in Penang. i guess i'll be okay. wish me luck tau !

Monday, March 23, 2009

God ! i'm so tired. my whole weekend since the 21st to the 23rd of march has started at 7 and ended at 11 something. its almost 1 in the morning and i'm blogging because i won't be alone for awhile.

last saturday

slept around 2 something. i soon woke up around 4 something. i didn't go back to sleep until 8 something and i woke up later on at 10 something. all these numbers appear in the morning, thanks. Pei Wen picked me up then off to Shasha's. we took a cab to Curve. the cab driver looked wayy too over-stuffed in that cab. i almost died laughing. oh well, reached Curve and headed straight to the toilet to apply make-up. yes, yes, vaiin. then off to Cineleisure. there we said hi to Eric and started walking around. had lunch and wished Sheryll good luck before going back to the Competition. watched all the teams make theier moves. some freaked me out, others kept me asking what the hell were they thinking. when it was Sheryll's turn, i got on Darren's shoulders for the best view ever and recorded them. which was fun. after that i got bored so i left with Darren, Sanjiv, Lucian (Darren's friend) and Nigel. they sent me home and after half and hour of walking around my house i fell asleep at 7 something. i know, whoa !

Prettier Views
Saturday, March 21, 2009

While Waiting

Rainbow !

ONE thing good about school

pink flowers make my day



Bently Damansara

Jackson RR 24



In the mood for cheer ?

my weirdo


science class

penunggu konon


Little MISS Sunshine

the oh-so fabulous Nigel

Getting Ready

slept over Pei Wen's last night. that was fun. we were doing our usual dose of cheering. i finally watched 'Material Girls' ! it's a real fun movie. Pei Wen K.O-ed not even halfway through the movie. so i watched the movie alone while messaging Eddy. he went to Vietnam last night or rather early this morning around 4 something. i fell asleep earlier than that but i asked him to call me before he boarded. and he did which was nice. i remember a lot of mumbling and slurring on my part. eheh. i woke up around 2 then waited for Pei Wen to wake up. in the end i got bored of waiting and i woke her up around 3. we hung around until my dad picked me up and now, here i am. typing on my mum's laptop with my father's snoring in the background.

my shoot is starting soon. they're going to pick me up later. so after this post i should probably go bathe and change. i won't be seeing my girls and Eddy for another five days. i won't be going cineleiure tomorrow with them to support Sheryll which succks. oh wells, GOOD LUCK SHERYLL ! but the best part is i won't be going to school for three days because of the shoot. Ong can kiss my ass. i'll probably have to get the director or somebody to write a letter for me. i'll miss watching Ong's shoes. she has the best ever ! hahah

i guess i should go get ready now just in case.

"My hearts no longer with me. Check in your suitcase later. I think it wants to follow you."

Tuesday ?
Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i woke up around 8. after getting ready headed off for Damar Park, where we were having our cheer practices. reached there about 9 then had breakfast with Vee. laughs laughs talks talks. then off to the park to start our "healthy workout". i tried a cartwheel today, after so long of not doing so. it felt weird and i sure didn't get it right. but i guess i'm getting the hang of it.
after that hung out at Safa. and of course i came up with an amazing idea, Bowling ! (cheh) 

so headed off to Cineleisure. was hungry so again, i suggested Sushi King, WHOO ! ehemm yeah. we ate, we laughed, i made fun of everybody, as usual. Eric paid but of course being the Cina he is, we gotsta pay him back. oh wells. after that went off to Bowling. first round, i got Second. second round was when C U N T S  bared their true skin colour. HAHAH ! first was ,"Candy". then ,"Unique". after that was ,"Neesa", then ,"Tasha", and last but not least, "Simone". after Bowling ate Ikea hot dogs ! then Eric sent me home.

after a while of resting then off to rehearsels. that was tiring, with the acting and screaming. i was sooo beat. i think Mama got tired just looking at me. but i had fun. overall, smooth but extremely tiring day.

highlights !

at Sushi King
Shasha "Asal salmon macan sikit je ah ?"
Leysha " Economy kan low."
Shasha "But it's in season."
*others look in awe*
Shasha "Korang tak tau ke ?"
Leysha "No Sha, i don't waste my time wondering about fish seasons !"

in the car on the way home
*Is I Were a Boy comes on*
Vee "Kesian Eric, he's the only boy !"
*others agree*
Vee "It's okay Eric, you're not like other guys anyways."
Leysha "Yeah, NEESA !"

in the car on the way to rehearsels
Leysha "I'm so tired !"
*ignored by parents*
Leysha "BALLS!"
*laughed at by parents*

Haka Videos
Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kuning Haka

Merah Haka

Hari Sukan Pictures

After Haka
Kuning Haka boys and Vee
Merah Haka Boys
Pei Wen, not 'Jojo', Pei Wen !
Kuning Haka Captain
Kuning Haka Jackasses
Hana !
Mole !
Red Ants Warriors 

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