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Picture Perfect.
Saturday, October 20, 2007

here are some of the pics from Penang,
do coment and tell me what you think,
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My Mum at the Beach
Photo by; My Dad
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Yana next to Kapitan Keling Mosque
Photo by; Me
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The Oldest Mosque in Penang
Photo by; Me
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Stewart Lane
Photo by; Me
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"Uncle Model la"
Photo by; Me
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Chulai Lane
Photo by; Me
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In a Coffee Shop
Photo by; My Dad
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Coffee Factory
Photo by; My Dad

'tried to take a picture of love,
didint think i'd miss him that much,
i wanna fill this new frame,
but its empty.'

au' revoire amour

Friday, October 19, 2007

right now,
you are who you are
no matter what the rest say
no matter what they want you to be
no matter how hard you try to be something else
later on,
you become your dream
you become what the rest say
you become what you want to be
you become how hard you worked for it
you remember who you were
what they said
what you achieved
and how hard you worked for it.
'please speak softly,
or they will hear us,
and they'll find out,
why we dont trust them,
speak up, dear,
for i cannot hear you,
i need to know,
why we don't trust them.'
au' revoire amour

awat cik tak amik gambark ?
Thursday, October 18, 2007

P to the E to the N to the A, N, G !
P E N A N G !
Penang was amazing la. i was kinda stressed so Penang was a great break from everything. reaching there arnd 3 in the morn. the drive there was nice cause i was asleep mst of the time.hhehe. oh well, i slept like arnd 4 then woke up at 11. and of course, as tradition, went to my grandnanny's hse. my mum's younger bro was there with his 4 kids so we all lpak and shuffle la. my cousin is REAL good at shufflin wey. haha. well then the sad goodbye's and off too home bt my dad decided to meet one of his close friends, the widower of the Late Loga of The Alleycats. it was fun, we talked and laughed and jst hang out. a few hours later we balik n me n yana went (saying with hand gestures) SHOPPING ! the stuff was cool bt we only bought a few DVD's. balik to my apartment, apa lg? we watched the DVD. i wntd to watch Shrek3 bt Yana put in 'High School Musical' n i we watched it was ok la. kinda tacty at the end, of course.
second day,
we woke up early to ikot my dad do photography. i took a few pics myself bt they weren't as good as my daddy's la.hhehe. we finished at arnd 4 n my dad straight away bwk us to the beach. God, did i miss those days. i think i wntd to cry. i saw all the abg beachboys yg jage me since i was a lil' girl and an extra one, he was arnd his 20's and absolutely HOT. Yana was like droolin right in front of him oh. klakar gle. well, that day, yana naik parachute then we naik jetski. at first i was kinda shakky cause gua da lame da blom do sumthin like that. bt after a while i gt the hang of it.
third day,
i woke up even earlier, at 9 ! then we ikot my dad do even more photography n we went to this old coffee factory on Stewart Lane. bau dia gle sedap oh. me n yana went inside and saw what they did. then i ingat as a lil' girl, i would walk around the kitchen in the smoke lookin at all the workers, fascinated by how old the equipment was. after that we went to the beach AGAIN. hhehe. it was real fun. we naik a speedboat for the banana boat. gle besh owh. then we went to eat at the famous 'Gurney Drive'. amazin hawker food owh.
final day,
we finally woke up late, arnd 1 maybe. then at two, we went to beach to eat, our usual rstaurant was closed so we went a few doors down. then me n yana got bored so we went down to the seaside n played with the water. jst to let u knw, im terrified of the sea cause i pena kene a jellyfish sting. hurt like shit. oh well, afta 3 days in a row goin to the beach, i kinda gt nt so scared. then me n yana decided we were going to leave Penang with a memory. so we went on separate jetski's, jst us, and we drove our hearts out. and a jetski isnt light, so i let go mst of my tension on that ride and it felt good. real good. then we went back to my apartment and me n yana swam in the pool for a while then after hell of a time packing n hugs and kisses goodbye, we
left for KL. thinking "this is my home".
oh ya, when i saw the international school next to my apartments, i asked my mum,
"Ma, can i go there next year, or even a convent here in Penang?"
and my mum actually said
"we ask papa to look at the fees"
'aku yang tak perna bisa lupakan dirinya,
yg kini hadir di antara kita,
namun ku juga takkan bisa,
menepis bayangmu,
yg slama in temani hidupku'
au' revoir amour

Hari Raya !
Friday, October 12, 2007

hhaha. after a month of fasting, i think we all deserve this. semangat la for the money, the food, n the friends.

of course, as a family tradition, all the girls stayed up late to cook my grandmother's famous Ayam Golek. i did a few things.
1. kupas the bawang merah n putih. the fumes got into my eyes. hurt like shit. sakit hati owh.hehe
2. n cook everythin in a pot.
n let me tell you, ayam golek is NOT easy to do. it takes up to 4 hours. yes, 4.

me n my sisters were practicall sleep walking. its terribly tiring. i slept at arnd 6 in the morning bt my mum slept arnd 8. bt at the end of the day, the food tasted amazing. n soon i'll be getting MONEY then going off to Penang, so sayonara everyone.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilftri
Maaf Zahir & Batin.

au' revoire

Lollipop by Leysha
Friday, October 5, 2007

'she stood over his dead body. blood dripping from the dagger in her hands. her breathing is fast. her heart beats in her ear. her hands slowly become numb. she walks over his dead body into the kitchen. she opens a beer can and sips slowly.then she walks into her room and sits in front of her mirror. slowly, she puts on her lipstick. she looks into the mirror and smiles. she walks to her closet and takes out her suitcase and her beatiful dresses, packing them. she carries the bag downstairs n puts it next to the sofa. walking to his body, she unwraps a lollipop n bends down to put it in his mouth. she carries his limp body into the toilet, placing everything in place she washes her hands. she kisses him on the cheek whispering 'goodnight my dark prince, may flights of devils wing you to your sleep'. grinning, she walks out the front door, gets into her car and drives off.'

so, how?
no, this isnt the whole thing.
its wayyy longer.hehe
i wrote it a while ago actually.
maybe later on when im free,
i'l post the rest.
bt u guys tell me wether that part was oryte or nt.
i dnt care if your close to me or nt.
i jst want diffrent opinions.

here is this blog's lyrics.
'always, i know,
you'll be at my show,
watching, waiting,
i love that sng.
oh well.

au' revoire amour.

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