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Friday, June 12, 2009

since this is my blog, i'm going to write about something i really love. Fashion. i know, i know, it doesn't seem like me, but i can't help it, i'm a girl that way. i love looking at all those expensive things. they're just so pretty. i don't need it but i just love it. i don't buy them cause they're ridiculously expensive but i love trying them on and just looking.

some of my favourite brands are Burberry, Giorgio Armani, Topshop, Versace, Gucci, LeSportSac, Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier, Valentino, Vera Wang, Chanel, Christian Dior, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Karl Lagerfeld, and Marc Jacobs.

and now, i have the sudden urge to get out of my house and head to the nearest mall, god help me.

Terasa tak ?

i got this image from secretzen.com this is for a certain someone who seems to be very unhappy with whatever i do, whoever i am, and whoever is with me.

National Service
Thursday, June 4, 2009

as you might know, NS has taken away 2 of my friends, Fui Ron and Rais. but they are coming back in a few days ! and i can't wait, i'll give them big hugs. i don't even care.

Liew Fui Ron
from the moment i met him, we clicked. we just knew what to talk about. i thought a had a crush on him, turns out i was just too excited to get another friend. another LEO so yippee !
Mohd. Rais
he's the one in the middle with the weird pose. yeap. that's Rais. i met him a while back but we got closer since we were in the same band. this guy is so much fun. eventhough not many know what he really is like. but i am proud to say, i know him when he is hyper crazy !
we used to have so much fun as a band. driving in Alann's car, talking. Alann would be driving quietly. Eddy and Mukhlis would be talking about something. Rais would be screaming and/or laughing his head off. and i would be telling him to shut the hell up. both of us screaming like assholes. i remember once, we all got into the car and drove to Desa Park City. then we got bored and decided to drive around. then i felt like going to see my old school, S.K Taman Bukit Maluri. Alann, Mukhlis and i went there. when we got there, we noticed the cool new park. so we got out of the car, and hung around. me and Eddy played around with the equipment a little bit. but we ended up singing and playing guitar until almost three o'clock in the morning. we used to do this alot, they were there for me, when i had a bad day. we all admitted we liked hanging out with the band most.

but all good things must come to an end. now, Eddy has his own band, they're still looking for a name. Mukhlis is with Grow Up Godzilla who played at my Electric Gig last month. Dead Roses for Darla was supposed to be still on. but the ego-maniac fight between Eddy and Mukhlis got out of hand. and it irritated me. so i left. using my cheer as an excuse. Alann is going to further his studies anyways, in Dubai.

NS is a bitch, it took the boys away.

so Ron will be coming back to a weird group of friends and Rais will be coming back to Grow Up Godzilla. either way, i can't wait to see them.

What's Up ?
Monday, June 1, 2009

i just wanted you to stay back and make me feel good la. if that's too much. honey, i needed you. but you couldn't see that. i guess you were too angry. you kept talking about how much you hated him. i don't know what to say. i'm so tired of trying to please you.

i guess guys just don't understand.

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