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And The Songbirds Keep Singing Like They Know The Score
Sunday, May 29, 2011

I wait patiently and quietly
something I'm not used to
my lips, I bit
something I don't normally do
what if I was honest ?
what if I was fake ?
I couldn't care less
there's only so much I can take
am I love ?
am I all you need ?
I question your thoughts
I feel like I've been caught
you question my intentions
your words like pins
I feel the need to fall asleep
to have a dream you'll never keep
you can't seem to answer me
when I ask you honestly
so make me see
is this really meant to be ?

Oh God, Please Make This Last
Sunday, May 22, 2011

"If you leave, I'd want to be the reason you come back."

It's like right out of a movie script, how we came to be. Maybe we were just in denial but now we can't help but question how we got to where we are. Sometimes it feels so surreal, like it's too good to be true.

I still get a daze sometimes, when you kiss me or when you hug me. I can't help but laugh at your lame ass jokes or breathe you in when you hold me close. I swear I've never felt like this before. I hate it when you go off and I constantly want you there. I can spend a whole day with you and I'd still want you to come home with me just so we can cuddle.

You call me 'baby' and I can't help but smile every time. You're the most negative and selfish person I ever met but when I'm down and out you seem to hold me up.

We were there for each other way before and you told me things you never told anyone before and I told you things I never even knew existed but it always felt right to tell you the truth. You constantly doubt my feelings for you and I do the same. Maybe we are too deep in, afraid to lose each other.

"Can I keep you ?"

We fight a lot but I honestly don't mind because at the end of the day, all I really want is you right there in front of me. We both know we might not last long but I am grateful for having an ass like you for a boyfriend. It still comes as a shock. You're my boyfriend, I'd repeat over and over again to myself.

You sing to me when I'm down and tell me stories to make me sleep and as corny and cliche as it is, I can't sleep if I don't hear your voice first. You stare at me a lot and it does freak me out sometimes but I don't mind, as long as it's you. You're my Wolverine, my comic book freak, my weirdo, you're my boyfriend.

So who would've thought ? The first time we met, we wrestled for a pair of boxers. Every time we met, we'd fight about the dumbest things but now I can't go a day without you. Everybody else saw it but we just needed some time.

"If I were to get angry like Hulk, I'd want you to be my Betty."

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