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Monday, June 20, 2011

Wow, i have not blogged in a really long time and i apologize to those who care and say a warm hello to those who are just curious. I have no idea why I haven't really blogged much. God knows, I have had a lot of things to deal with these past few months but maybe I didn't need to write them all down like how I used to.

In other news, I recently went to Ipoh for two weeks for a telemovie shoot. It had to be one of my favourite characters to play, seeing as I played a deaf and dumb girl who wanted to learn the violin. The best part of it though, was the fact that I got to learn sign language. It somehow really made my day when the sign language teacher would turn to me and give me a simple thumbs up, a simple sign that I got it right.

The people from RTM were an amazing bunch of people to hang out with. They were so close-knit and they didn't give me the baby girl treatment which I loved. Worked with a few actors I've never acted with before, like Nabila Huda. If you don't know who she is, she's Amy Search's daughter and yes, I was slightly starstruck but she was a lot of fun to work with. The first few days she was on set were some of the best.

I celebrated my 18th birthday the other day and as usual, it was not short of drama but in the end, it was a pretty epic celebration. All thanks to my Late, Yana, Ali and me best friends. If not for them I would have spent it asleep in my room hoping to not wake up but it was good and I'm thankful I got this far.

Now it's bulan puasa, and I'm just readying myself for the mental and physical journey ahead of me. I'm currently on break from college right now and I only start again on the 22nd. I hope to God, it won't be so tough. First semester was enough to break a person down and I hear the second semester only gets tougher. So InsyaAllah, I'll make it through.

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