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Adakah Aku Hanya Boneka ?
Friday, January 29, 2010

can you hear this
heart beating ?
then you'll be able to hear it
and soon enough it'll be too much
and you'll hear it

the music my soul plays
is over
the tune to my
life is sad
and now
i can hear it
slowly fading

this won't seem
to stop
but you'll
hold on tight
to me
and soon
everything will be
right ?

I Climb, I Slip, I Fall
Thursday, January 28, 2010

work. work. work.

so far, everything in my life revolves around that. i'm so tired and my sleep cycle is all over the place. haven't gone to school in a while and it's pretty lonely without my buddies. miss them to bits. but i haven't been entirely deprived of human communication.

the cast for the series has been amazing. i mean, i don't know how i could get through without them. the odd hours, the bad timing, everything, i would have killed myself for, if it wasn't for them.

i haven't even stayed home enough to see the babies but i'll have the whole day tomorrow and trust me, i honestly can't wait.

oh yeah, did you know that penguins mate for life ?

Another Breaking Heart

With Your James Dean Glossy Eyes
Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i just wanna go home i just wanna go home i just wanna go home i just wanna go home i just wanna go home i just wanna go home i just wanna go home i just wanna go home i just wanna go home i just wanna go home i just wanna go home i just save me wanna go home i just wanna go home i just wanna go home i just wanna go home i just wanna go home i just wanna go home i just wanna go home i just wanna go home i just wanna go home i just wanna go home i just wanna go home i just wanna go home i just wanna go home i just wanna go home i just wanna go home

Unconditional, Unoriginal, Always By My Side
Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i'm so tired
for once
only physically

there's a real nice view from this school. it's really different from other schools. it feels like you're in a whole different world. i can only see greenery but it's nice. real real nice. calming actually. this school is amazing ! the teachers, the facilities, the curricular. jealousy overwhelms me !

my legs hurt and my eyes are dry, i just wanna go home, get in the shower and never come out. i've been wearing this school uniform for way too long and it's getting a little cramped.

you know one thing that sucks about being single ? not being able to cuddle with somebody. especially after a hard day at work and then you meet up and they regenerate your power just by hugging you. but hey, i'll get over it. always did, always will.

Pour Some Sugar On Me
Sunday, January 24, 2010

Travel The World And The Seven Seas

work has been killer but it's been fun hanging out with Bella, Bob, Su and Dolly. i didn't go to school last friday. way too tired. but enough happened when i wasn't there. i think they get it when i say i'm pissed.

but whatever lah kan. school is definitely going to be extremely awkward just when it was about to get back to normal but i guess not.

most probably going for undang next week. i just wanna get it over with. i seriously cannot wait. we finished episod 1 and 2 of the series but i have no idea when it is showing. but i'll find out and let you guys know.

Rip Off TheWings Of Butterflies
Thursday, January 21, 2010

oh my god ! i missed my bloggy. haven't been uploading since how long. i'm sorry, baby ! i see my chatbox has heated up ever since i left. tak sempat nak reply until today but today gua malas hee. i got work later so i'll save the bitching until later on.

well, before, i wanted to blog about miss Pawan going on set with me. and might i say, it was bloody fun. of course she was bored for most of the time. but she was a true babe lah. she literally stayed with me for a whle 24 hours. i love her !

oh my god ! a classmate of mine got H1N1. then the moral teacher for my class got it too. now, my class teacher is sick and she might have it too. oddly enough, i sit right next to the girl who got it but neither i nor the other girl next to her got it. thank god !

oh well, gots to go. see you my lovelies !

Cigarette Stained Lies
Friday, January 15, 2010

i had another awesome friday night at safa. Ashley, Pei Wen and I had a typical teenage girl conversation but it was fun and interesting. Choo and all came, even Joanne, which was cute cause she was wearing her school uniform in safa ! walked there with Harith and Joey, they are officially my walk-to-safa buddies :P

i got my leather jacket from Nana. it's real pretty and comfortable too.

got a full day later, which happens to be Saturday. there goes my weekend. oh well, what's life without a little fun ? or in my case, a ton of it. gotta clean up me room though. Kak Leya bising, again. so, wish me luck, guys !

oh yeah, don't worry Vee. i know what i'm doing. sorry if anything i did or say hurt you too. i just did it in your favour. i can't stand seeing you suffer like that.

oh and i'm not scary because i'm famous, i'm famous because i'm scary

get used to it, kid.

Seusia Malam Ku Menanti Mu
Thursday, January 14, 2010

wow, two full days of shoot. man, am i tired. but it's been fun. while waiting we'd sit around and talk and stuff but it's real fun. of course, haven't been able to go to school. been finishing at like 2 something and sampai rumah je dah 4.oo in the morning.

i feel bad for not going. i really need to focus, especially this year. but takpe lah, after work, i'll do it properly and thoroughly. yesterday while working, i messaged a couple of me friends who needed me, hopefully i made them feel slightly better.

these immature younger girls are real annoying. macam tak sedar diri. i don't give a rat's ass about anything they have to say lah. aku kesah apa ? they didn't really care when they hurt my loved ones. and they dare, try it again and again. i can't wait to get the chance to smack their pretty little faces. these idiots better grow the fuck up or i'm going to make them.

i mean Purple has been hurting my best friend. and if she's not careful, she's going to literally be purple all over. and i mean it. either stay or get the fuck out, either way, just make up your mind.

they better start getting over themselves or this bitch is going to show her fangs.

To Judge The Book By The Cover
Tuesday, January 12, 2010


You Were Right, I Was Wrong Along

hello, my adored aliens.

sorry i haven't been updating much. my laptop is on the fizz and i gotta get it fixed. other than that, the wifi in my place is jacking off, so sometimes got, sometimes don't got. i wll try as hard as i can to update as often as possible.

but now since i have the time, i'll get to it :P

so Form 5 has started for me already. it's been good so far. i haven't gotten into trouble, yet. and i finish my homework when i'm supposed to. i got Ong for my class teacher again, but it's okay lah i guess. i'm already used to her. ooh but best part is i got Nazalida and Rosnani for my languages. they are so much fun, even the projects they give us is "enlightening".

i'm in the same class with the same people. i spend my whole freakin day in school with Harith. and sometimes Eddy and Faris. oh yeah, i'm talking to Eddy again. he's still shit irritating but at least, it'll get things done.

what else can i say ? oh ! i'm acting in a comedy drama. the script is comedy all the way so i'm really looking forward to it. shoot starts on wednesday which happens to be tomorrow. ooh, butterflies :P

alrighty then, gots to go my lovelies. need to get some more sleep.

Stuck At Sea
Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's her 52nd birthday

i miss her so much. i really do.
and i bet i'm not the only one.

Happy Birthday, Mak.

Loving You
Tuesday, January 5, 2010


You Can Leave Whenever You Want Out

best nya kawan baik :P

we're in different classes again this year, but so what ? we're still having fun. so kiss this and yes, we do know you're jealous.

Die Regrettin The Time You Lost


i'm on the floor in my living room and this just brings back all kinds of memories. it's raining outside, and it gives such a cooling feeling. i actually feel happy. doing my homework doesn't really bother me anymore. besides, i know this year i can't fool around as much. but i'm just going to play it cool and have fun.

i have a sudden craving for synth and techno. explanations, anybody ?

ahh, my laptop's low on battery so time to go. but i'm so bored. and he's such an ass ! baik takyah oh ! then i can just get someone and be over with it.

You Can't Spell Crap Without "C"
Monday, January 4, 2010

"i love you Sha. you've been my best malay girlfriend :) high school's
here for us. idk what to do without your ever so melody voice
singing in my head."

"this is the last first day, we'll ever have."

walked back with Joey, Yana, Harith and Jeja. we had fun playing motorbike while walking. and now i'm just so extremely tired, it is amazing.

last year, and it's going to go by in a blink of an eye, i remember Jojo saying that to me when i was in form 1. in fact, come to think about it, i remember quite a lot from before. and i miss it sometimes.

ingat lagi, Yana and I used to be so close to Marin and Fatin. but then, something happened and we just lost it. the friendship and the connection. i hang out with Marin sometimes and we still have a blast but obviously it's not the same.

weh, ingat tak bila kitorang still budak-budak lagi. dengan TKG lah, dengan apa lagi lah. aku rindu gila lepak ngan korang. sekarang dah rasa memang lain tapi i still ingat and i seriously still love you guys.

haihhh, all this emotional hassle. time for sleep :)

Remember When We Talked About Where We'd Be A Year From Now
Sunday, January 3, 2010

wow, time for school and i still can't get used to the fact

got my school stuff with Mak and Yana just now. thought of converse shoes but then they're all sold out and i remembered that they can be pretty heavy. takpe maybe when they're back in stock.

i need to go scavenge for a school bag soon. and i seriously need more underwear.

my last year in school. doesn't really feel any different. feels like it's never gonna end though. i'm honestly and truly shit scared of SPM. gotta buck up this year, i guess. i need to get tution and revision books and start me studying process.

so it's official, i'm going overseas to continue studying. Mak sounds real interested for me and Yana. so anything to not let her down. so it's foundation in Malaysia and future studies in England or the states. not real sure yet.

oh well, time to get ready. good luck for school tomorrow guys.

Kiss Me In The Rain
Friday, January 1, 2010


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