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Everytime I Close My Eyes, It's Like A Dark Paradise
Thursday, December 27, 2012

An old friend paid me a visit while I was dreaming the other night. The dream was so simple. It was just the two of us bumping into each other, introducing families to each other. There was no drama, just a shake of the hand and a nod of the head. We congratulated each other quietly, knowing we had done the right thing to forget about our time together. It's not like it wasn't perfect, it was just that, it wasn't right. We weren't right.

But I am grateful for you. So proud too. We had our ups and downs, you and I but I now that we're older and we have finally gotten rid of each other, I can be grateful for you. Because no matter what anybody says or what I may deny, I did care about you. You were there for me in more ways than one and I can only hope I was the same for you.

Being with you taught me a lot. It taught me to care and real compassion. You broke my heart but I know that at one point or another, I broke yours too. You were my first real love and that is how I want to remember you. That would be the best way to remember you. I regret nothing with you and I can't wait to go on without you.

I Don't Have Much Money, But Boy If I Did
Saturday, December 1, 2012

I like how you like Pink Floyd so much. I like that on tired drives going home, we listen to classic rock songs that we both enjoy singing to. I like that I can sing with you. I like how you play the guitar and you only play your favourite songs. I like that when it's needed you'll sing me my song.

It's been nice these days. To have you there, constantly annoying me, constantly asking for me. I love it when I'm tired and you let me lie on your shoulder while you drive us home. It might just be the safest place I know right now. You let me lie on your lap when I want to take naps, sometimes you even demand it and I resist sometimes because I fear I'd get too comfortable. You know of that fear now so you don't push and when my doubts aren't too heavy, I won't push either.

It's nice this place we're in. The place between growing up and staying young. I would very much like to grow up with you but to stay young in that process would be the best. I like to imagine that we'd make that decision and never regret it. I never want to regret you and I always hope you don't regret me.

You went away recently and when you came home, you actually came home, all of you. You breathed me in and I closed my eyes holding on to the simple embrace. You went away for a week and already I wanted you home. I don't want to think too much of when we'll have to go our separate ways and for now, I won't. For now, the simple fights and the wrestling will keep me happy.

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