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I Don't Even Mean To Suggest That I Loved You The Best
Thursday, March 28, 2013

It was my friend's birthday last week.

We used to be so close. He was like my older brother. Always there for my weaker moments and he never showed me his. He took care of me, not caring much for himself and it was always nice to have him there. He always made me feel so safe. Then we grew up and he had to stop taking care of me.

I miss being fifteen. I miss when such tiny things were able to break my heart and I miss when anyone could mistake a crush for love. I miss how when you're in school, that is your whole world. Those are your friends and I miss being able to tell myself that we would make it, we would be able to go through everything together. I miss how I used to believe it.

I'm turning twenty in July and it's already the end of March and sometimes I have to stop myself from breaking down in your arms. Time went by so fast and yet, it felt so slow, so perfect. Now here I am, wishing I had the same passion for you as I did for them.

I regret nothing of course. But a girl can cry. In fact, it's the one thing we do best. So, quietly, I will cry, for the moments that have passed, the moments that I never wanted to let go, and the moments that will, undeniably, pass me by.

Beneath The Curse of These Lovers' Eyes
Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Love me just as long as you can,
and I will do the same,
these thoughts are here to save,
and it is as simple,
as me wanting you,
for a now,
for later,
and if we make it,
for a lifetime.

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