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And I Go by Pete Teo
Tuesday, July 28, 2009

i cried to this song in school today, i really do miss her.

Her Blog.
Monday, July 27, 2009


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad

i am lost for words, but i will try.

Yana and I rush into the hospital after getting a call from Mama saying Mak(Yasmin Ahmad) had collapsed. the moment we walked in, a nurse recognised us and told us to go to the 3rd floor. there we saw Mama holding Aunty Orked (Yasmin's sister). Aunty Orked and Daddy(Yasmin's Husband) looked so devastated. Daddy kept repeating how much he loved her and how much he couldn't possibly live without her. I called and informed Ka Hoe who told Mahesh. Kak Nani took the first plane home from Terengganu. We ended up going home around 11 something that night.

apparently Mak was at a meeting in Tv3. they said, she told her story beautifully, and that she looked just fine. after she presented, she held up her finger as a sign for "one minute" and calmly said "Wait ya, i'm not feeling very good." and she laid her head down on her folded arms on the table. at first they thought she was only joking, but after a few minutes they started calling her name and she didn't respond, when they looked at her she was already drooling. they called the ambulance but apparently she stopped breathing for a whole half hour which caused bleeding in her brain. they took her to surgery to stop it. but she no longer had any brain activity.

on the 25th of July, at around 11.25p.m. Yasmin Ahmad passes away peacefully in the hospital. Yana and I rushed to the hospital, we went around hugging everybody, giving our support. all this while, i held my tears, i didn't want to break down just yet. Mak Inom and Abah(Yasmin's parents) took it the worst. they were just so devastated. Mak Inom had to be admitted into the hospital.

we left the hospital at about 1 something, Mahesh followed us home and we waited for Ka Hoe to come from work. Mahesh and I sat outside talking about Mak. we were both so incredibly proud to have been able to have acted in her movies, to even have known her. she was caring, generous, funny and extremely kind.

i couldn't stop staring at her body during the prayers. after the men were done, Kak Nani, Mahesh, Kahoe, Chips and I sat around her body just taking everything in. i tried reading the Yassin again but i couldn't concentrate. i was so blank. i was crying already by now.

Daddy came and sat down, Mak Inom and Abah arrived soon after that. Mak Inom and Abah just kept reading the Yassin over and over again. forgiving all her sins. Daddy just looked on. then Mahesh, Ka Hoe, Kak Nani and I hugged him, saying how much we're going to be there for him. he asked us to promise him that we'd always keep in touch. and we did. after a while, i went outside for air, and there were so many people there for her. that just showed how many lives she impacted. i stood in the middle of the road staring around, it rained that day, and it was extremely cooling.

after a while, we left for the masjid, there they bathed her and after prayers, we got to finally see her. she looked so peaceful. so calm. walking out, i broke down, she's gone, she's actually gone. Etienne(Yasmin's nephew) came and consoled me a little, but it still hurt. Mahesh and Ka Hoe didn't get to see her and i felt so bad for them, i started crying, Ka Hoe hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead.

we buried her soon after that. and we prayed some more.

Kak Nani, Yana, Mahesh, Ka Hoe and I gave our Mak back to the one 'person' she loved the most. she's happy now, she's safe now. she's free.

i love you, Mak, i love you so much.

Random Pictures for You
Saturday, July 18, 2009

so, last night, Vee and i took our good ol' friend out to dinner, Lee Zhan Yung. we brought him to Desa Park City, Ron and Has tagged along and that only made it better. we had undescribeable fun. slow dancing to Lee's iPod. sitting by the lake, singing. we ate donuts and looked at the most adorable puppies.
Lee, before tution, this was some-what candid okay.

Vee and I at Desa Park City

Ron and Me, Beanie Buddies !
oh my god ! we match ?
"Ron ! either look at the sky or the camera!"

Lee, the drinking ghoul

My absolutely favourite picture.

i honestly had the best time of my life. too bad Has had to go off for a while, if not he'd be in a lot of the pictures.

How Often Do You Meet The Right Person ?


sometimes, you only get one chance to follow your dreams. so, when a brokenhearted street musician clicks with a beautiful and feist keyboardist, the unlikely couple decides they have nothing and everything to lose. over the course of one electric week, the duo writes, performs and records an incredible cycle of songs every bit as spontaneous and soulful as their improbable romance.

winner of the ' World Cinema Audience Award' at the Sundance Film Festival and winner of the ' Audience Award' at the Dublin Film Festival.

i absolutely LOVE this movie. it's so good. even the music is so heartfelt and sincere. i've been watching this movie over and over again. it's just too good to be true.

Cheer Critics
Sunday, July 12, 2009


and i mean critics, like people who watch the sidelines and pretend they're better by judging everything. it's the dumbest thing. somebody recently said on his blog that we don't cheer for our football teams like the americans. well, who would wanna follow them ? we took rap and hip hop and made our own version of it. so we are actually doing that to cheer. we're making our version of it. we can't exactly cheer at football games, because that would cause a lot of anger among the adults. we try our best. but we work hard and these people who judge have no idea and actually have no right. so to every cheerleader who reads this blog, DON"T LAYAN. if they knew how much we go through each year for that 2 in a half minutes on that stage. they would be kissing our feet. so, cheerleaders, boys and girls, we are so much better than those who judge because we actually get off our asses and do stuff unlike critics who sit back and watch and think they know everything.

we don't give a shit,
we never really did !

Hey Guys
Monday, July 6, 2009

sorry, right now, i'm not reall in the mood for blogging. been reall busy. but i'll try updating soon.

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