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Night at the Museum
Saturday, May 30, 2009

Must Watch ! it's real good.

i watched it with Surendran, Shahmim, and Vee. we were the loudest in the group. it was real fun. i love hanging out with them. i had the best day.

Electric Shirts
Thursday, May 14, 2009

click on it to make it bigger. interested, let me know.


Fuck Off

this is for everybody who think they're so smart. who always has something to say. you are not important in MY life. hey, you might be pretty important somewhere else in somebody ELSE's life but not MINE. so get a life la. if you wish to mengutuk me on MY own blog, in MY chatbox, please include actual names pussies. and don't forget to tell me where you're from. and if you losers really don't like me, do grow some balls and say it to MY face. saying it on my blog doesn't exactly mean you're cool. just means you have absolutely no life.

The Electric Gig

need i say more ?

Lovers on a Good Day
Monday, May 11, 2009

Don't do that.
i won't.
Don't do that.
i won't.
Don't do that !
i won't !
promise ?
promise ?
promise ?!
hmm !
say it !
promise !
sakit hati ohh.
i love you.
don't wanna say it back la.
i love you too la !
cantik ohh you rambut ni.
you farted.
mane ade, babi !
you la babi.
macam sial.
it's gonna rain.
i know.

5 ! 6 ! 7 ! 8 !
Thursday, May 7, 2009

to load position, already my heart's beating so fast. i just had that feeling. so,

5, 6, 7, 8,
1, 2, and deep up

i remember going up then my foot slipping off. i fall forward, seeing legs running away. i push my arms out in front of me but no use. my chin hits the mat and i taste blood. my head gets so foggy. so i try to get up but my head is so heavy. i turn and rest my head on the mat. suddenly, everyone gasps and everything turns chaotic. Pei Wen screams for tissue, i hear everybody panicking. Mag tells Vee to call my dad. all this while i'm asking what's going on. then Pei Wen suddenly pushes the tissues to my chin, hard. she tells me to breathe and i do. "Her dads not picking up", i hear Vee say. finally Mag says, "I'll take her, she needs stitches."
so they pack me up in Mag's car. Pei Wen sits with me in the backseat and Shasha seats in front. on the way to the clinic i'm already in shock mode. everything looks so much brighter and i feel real tired then i feel my eyelids getting heavy but Pei Wen quickly shouts in my ear to stay awake. so i try really hard to stay awake. we reach the clinic and the doctor says he can't do it and that we needed to get to a hospital. so we get into her car and after getting a letter from the doctor we go off to the hospital.
we reach emergency and Kak Nani is already there. then the nurses bring us into one of he rooms to take a look at my scar. after that they take me to see the doctor. Dr. Isa, the plastic surgeon since the cut was on my chin. so obviously, i had to get stitches. so off to my room, but before i can even leave the doctor's office, my prince charming comes in and literally sweeps me off my feet and into a wheelchair. after getting my ankle X-rayed, i get into my room.
the moment i reach my room, another doctor came in and looked at my ankle and after five minutes, i'm needed to change into a huge green robe. and after a while i go into the room. Papa walks with me, but he can only go to a certain point. i enter the room the room and they put me on the bed. they give me the weird smelling gas and i'm on my way.
i wake up and they send me to my room. my family is there and the highlight of my night is when i see my Honey walk into my room with his smile. he takes care of me throughout the whole night and is there when i go home.

thanks Honey !
thanks Mag !
thanks Pei Wen !
thanks Shasha !

Stress !
Sunday, May 3, 2009

god i'm so stressed out !

nothing is going right.
but i bought these really cute pair of skinny jeans.
they're awesome, i tell you !
watched 'Coming Soon'
motherfucker type of scary.
the storyline was amazing la.
bought three shirts that go with my skinnies from Nichi.
the gig is THIS saturday.
i can't wait.
cheer is tiring.
press conference this tuesday.

so yeah..

PostSecret is awesome !

this was so sweet.

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